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Demonstrate the determination and action to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind


  The Ubengo Overpass, jointly constructed by the China Soil Group and China Railway 19th Bureau,It is one of the most important transportation hubs in Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania.It is also the first overpass project in Tanzania.September 30, 2020Ubengo Interchange was opened to traffic.The picture shows a bird's-eye view of Ubengo overpass.

  Xinhua News Agency

  The State Council Information Office released the white paper "China's International Development Cooperation in the New Era" on the 10th, stating that:China's international development cooperation in the new era,Guided by the promotion of building a community with a shared future for mankind,The spiritual connotation is more abundant,The goal direction is clearer,Action practice is more dynamic.An international person interviewed by our reporter said,China is guided by the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind,Take the correct view of justice and benefit as the value orientation,Actively carry out international development cooperation within its capacity,Inject Chinese power into global development.

  Promote the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

  At Bemanonga Primary School in western Madagascar,As soon as the students arrive at school, they go to the well behind the classroom to press water."The teacher told us,Wash your hands more so you won't get sick!"Sophomore Alexander said."The Chinese well-drilling team drilled a well for the school.Children drink water and wash their hands at school."Introduced by Lili, a teacher at Bemanonga Primary School.

  In 2018,At the request of the Government of Madagascar,The Chinese government assisted the construction of 200 wells for the two regions of Menabe and Azimo Andrefa for free,Solved the local lack of stable drinking water problem,Benefit about 200,000 people.In some areas,After the well is built,The surrounding residential buildings increased,Even forming a bazaar.Madagascar President Rajolina said,The Chinese government supports the development of the people's livelihood in Malaysia,Great help has been given to alleviate water difficulties in arid areas in the south.

  Mansour, the executive editor of Egypt's "Pyramids", said,From improving housing to sound medical education,Then to the assistance of the needy groups,China takes the eradication of poverty and improvement of people's livelihood as its starting point and goal,Help developing countries, especially the least developed countries, implement livelihood projects,Let the local people have more sense of gain and happiness.

  With the help of China,C?te d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Ethiopia and other countries have improved their water supply systems,The problems of people's drinking water difficulties and poor water quality have been solved; China has assisted in the construction of hospitals in Sri Lanka, Senegal, Guinea and other countries.Improve the level of local medical services,It is more convenient for people to see a doctor; in Fiji, Lesotho, Rwanda and other countries,The Juncao planting demonstration project aided by China enables farmers to master Juncao planting techniques.Drive farmers' incomes to become rich.by supporting poverty reduction in other developing countries,China has actively contributed to the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

  During the 75th United Nations General Assembly,China announced that it will establish the third phase of the China-FAO South-South Cooperation Trust Fund with a scale of 50 million US dollars.Continue to support developing countries including African countries to implement agricultural and rural development projects.Since the establishment of the fund,About 350 Chinese experts and technicians were sent to 12 developing countries in Africa and Asia,Share knowledge and technology with local farmers,Boost its agricultural production level.Hong Bo, President of the International Agricultural Development Fund, said,China has been actively participating in global poverty reduction through bilateral and multilateral international cooperation,It strongly supports the agricultural and rural development of developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  Facilitate the co-construction of the Belt and Road International Cooperation

  In Phnom Penh, Cambodia,Cambodia's new National Stadium is under intense construction.The total construction area of the main stadium is more than 80,000 square meters.Can accommodate 60,000 spectators,After completion, it will become the main venue for the 2023 Southeast Asian Games.The expansion of Cambodian Highway 3, the construction of the Phnom Penh-Westport Expressway, and the Mekong Bridge in Sankt Din.Under the framework of the cooperation in the construction of the "Belt and Road",A number of infrastructure construction projects were successfully implemented.Shemonil, Director of the Project Planning Department of the Forum of the Alliance of Cambodian Civil Society Organizations, said,China firmly supports South-South cooperation,Adhere to the correct view of justice and benefit,In-depth cooperation with all parties to jointly build the "Belt and Road",It has injected new vitality into Cambodia's economic development.

  About 50 kilometers away from the old city of Cairo, the capital of Egypt,The curtain wall of the first tower in the central business district of Egypt's new administrative capital, contracted by a Chinese enterprise, has recently been capped.Mansour emphasized: "This is a key project for the Egyptian-Chinese Communist Party to build the'Belt and Road'.During the epidemic prevention and control period,The project construction is progressing steadily,China has shown great power and responsibility."

  Provided container inspection equipment to more than 20 countries including Georgia, Armenia, and Tanzania,Accelerate the speed and efficiency of cargo clearance; help Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives and other countries implement airport upgrade and expansion projects,Bring more convenience to cross-border movement of people and trade; China-Europe Express connects more than 100 cities in more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia,During the epidemic, it played an important role as a logistics channel.The joint construction of the “Belt and Road" is an important platform for China to carry out international development cooperation.China actively supports the joint construction of countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” to improve infrastructure,Create more development opportunities.

  Beatrice Matiri-Msori, a senior lecturer in international business and trade at Riala University in Kenya, said,As an important trading partner and major infrastructure financing provider and builder in Africa,China is critical to Africa's economic recovery and development in the post-epidemic era.

  Professor Heinz Dietrich of the Autonomous University of Mexico City said,Through co-building the “Belt and Road” cooperation,"China helps other developing countries improve their independent development capabilities,Fully demonstrated China's image as a responsible great country,Demonstrate the determination and action to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind."

  Working together to tackle global humanitarian challenges

  Facing global humanitarian challenges such as public health, natural disasters, immigration and refugee issues,China adheres to a common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security concept,Provide support to other countries within its capacity,Contribute China to respond to major challenges and improve the global governance system.

  Since 2016,China has continuously provided emergency food assistance to more than 50 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America,Benefit tens of millions of people affected by the disaster.As of the end of 2019,China uses the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund,Cooperating with the World Food Program to provide food assistance to 24 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean,Ensure food security for the most vulnerable local groups.

  In Zambia,The 9 large-scale granaries provided by the Chinese government with preferential loans have alleviated the shortage of local grain storage capacity.China's aided water well project and corn flour plant project benefited many local people.Peter Lungu, Director of the Agriculture Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Zambia said,Thanks to China for its long-term support to Zambia in agricultural infrastructure, agricultural mechanization, and agricultural development exchanges.Looking forward to the joint efforts of the two countries,Zambia's agriculture and agricultural products continue to improve their market competitiveness.

  Facing the challenge of the epidemic,On the premise that China is doing its own anti-epidemic work and guaranteeing domestic anti-epidemic needs,Provide assistance and support within its capacity to more than 150 countries and international organizations,An emergency humanitarian operation with the most concentrated assistance and the widest scope since the founding of New China was carried out.

  Hussein Ismail, a researcher at the Political Academy of the Egyptian News Agency, said:China actively promotes international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic,Let all parties benefit widely.Iraqi Communist Party General Secretary Raid Fahmi said,China has demonstrated its responsible attitude as a major power with practical actions,Contribute to the maintenance of global public health security.

  Kovali, commentator of Ukrainian "Weekly Mirror" said,When a sudden disaster occurred in Ukraine,China will lend a helping hand in time."The white paper "China's International Development Cooperation in the New Era" outlines the future development path of China's international development cooperation.Ukraine looks forward to continuing cooperation with China in various fields.”

  In 2020,China provides two batches of cash assistance to the WHO,Used to support WHO's international cooperation in fighting the epidemic.David Nabarro, WHO special envoy for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, believes thatChina supports the fight against the epidemic and the economic recovery of countries affected by the epidemic, especially developing countries,Contribute to the realization of vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries,impressive.

  (Beijing, Johannesburg, Rome, Bangkok, Cairo, Mexico City, Kiev, Brussels, January 11th, reporters Song Song, Wan Yu, Han Shuo, Ding Zi, Huang Peizhao, Jing Yue, Liu Xuxia, Tan Wujun, Zhang Penghui)

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